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Sex toys for girls, various descriptions and uses

Sex toys for girls, various descriptions and uses

Send a man out to look at sex toys for girls and purchase one, and chances are that he will buy the simplest dildo he can find. Why? Because he’s a man, and dares not wish to impose his desires onto you, nor does he wish to be ridiculed for buying perhaps a kit which will make a duplicate of his proudest member. There is one exception to this and that’s if you are that man’s female Dominant – his Domme. The reason this creates an exception is the need that this man will have to please you first. Secondly, if he’s into humiliation, this will definitely give him a kick. If that kind of man is told to buy a dildo, he will probably feel as if he’s got an inferior cock, and thus will purchase the largest dildo that particular shop carries. It may even be dark if his own is white, as he’s trying to impress you with his choice, but it cannot in any way remind him of his deficiency.

Occasionally a man will give careful thought to what he buys when sent out to get female sex toys, and he may return with one of those mini vibrators. These frequently come with a specially tapered tip so that it cannot only be inserted into a waiting female, but also so that it can be used to confront her with some interesting vibrations where she least expects it. What’s nice about these tiny discreet ones, is that they can be used to touch some of the most sensitive erogenous zones on a woman. They frequently bring new erogenous zones to foreplay, thus eventually resulting in better orgasms.

What girl will turn down a ring? Well, with female masturbators, you need to consider buying her a ring for her finger that has a tiny little vibrator in it, so that you can bring it to her clitoris and drive her crazy with it. I like that it’s small enough to wear on a finger and thus you can truly surprise her with it. Chances are that she never spots it until you turn it on at the opportune moment!

What Sex toys for girls should a man purchase?

Imagine if you will the world’s tiniest vibrator? It is so tiny that it rides in your lady’s underwear and can bring her hour after hour of pure pleasure as it sits directly on her clitoris inside of her own panties. Talk about female masturbators! Further imagine putting it in her panties prior to a long train trip or a flight, or even a very long drive somewhere? Chances are that both you and your lady will lose count of her orgasms, but after it’s all over she’ll say “What a way to go to XXX!” no matter where the trip took her!

But not all sex toys for girls have to vibrate you know? For instance you could get her a showerhead that’s made for turning the shower into a great inundating water pulsing shaft of pure pleasure. Attach it instead of your hand held showerhead, and let her hold it in her hand when you turn it on. A warm pulsing hand held shower attachment will be pulsating water out of the various holes in the shaft which when introduced inside of her will feel like a powerful but totally sensuous watery pulse that will fill her with total delight.

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