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Reactions by men to the women sex toys

Reactions by men to the women sex toys

In our today world majority of our women are using women sex toys to pleasure themselves. Many claim that the toys give them the ultimate experience. They say that what was just a myth to them before using the toys is now a reality. It is a reality that the toys give them multiple orgasms and keep them satisfied. These complements have raised several eyebrows in the male society. There are both positive and negative reactions from the men.

Majority of the men feel like the female masturbators have come to replace them. They feel that the women no longer need them since they can get satisfied by using the toys. Men feel like the women need them for other reasons for example company, but not to satisfy them in bed.

The feeling of not been needed in bed has made most men lack confidence in themselves. The menís self esteem has been lowered. They think that they will rank second when a woman is asked to chose between toys for adult females and them. Most women claim that they do not need a man to be sexually satisfied but there are those that still need a manís touch.

What Do Men Think Of Women Sex Toys?

Some men find the women sex toys disgusting. There are those that think the toys are not to be used by every body but just the sluts. They feel like their women are degrading themselves when they opt to use the toys on themselves. This usually brings about a lot of conflict between the couple. You will find most men asking their partners to quit using the female toys.

Some men also think that using the sex toys goes against the culture and acceptable society norms. They believe that sex should only be between a man and a woman. Such men believe that sex should be carried out the way God intended.

Other men feel humiliated when they come to learn that their partner uses the adult toys to pleasure herself. They think that the woman is not satisfied by the kind of sex they have so she uses the toys to satisfy her urge. This can be a very bad reaction since it can lead to a man getting depressed since he feels inadequate. He will never believe in himself when it comes to sex. There are also those kinds of men that react positively to the women sex toys. These are the kind of men that would do anything to see that their women are totally satisfied. If they come to learn that the toys give their woman utmost pleasure, they will happily go get the toys for them. These kinds of men also love adventure and these toys will provide just that in their relationships.

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