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Rabbit vibrators are funny for everyone, couples or just yourself!

Rabbit vibrators are funny for everyone, couples or just yourself!

Female sexuality used to be a mystery for centuries. In our current times, however, that has changed. Scientific research has made significant progress in sexuality for women. There is information out now that tells not only where a woman is turned on the most, but also how. One of the best findings was that of the clitoris. The clitoris is similar to its male counterpart the penis in its anatomy and they even look very similar in fetal development. What many people do not know though, is that the clitoris has even more nerve endings than the penis. When this knowledge is used, the path to a good orgasm is simple for a woman. One of the best ways for exploring this is using rabbit vibrators.

A rabbit vibrator is a sex toy that features an angled piece that looks just like its namesake. They can be made from all kinds of materials from silicone to plastic and even luxury varieties that have precious metals on them. Some even have a warming function that enhances the experience. Rabbit vibrators are optimal for clitoral stimulation since they are designed with that in mind.

Rabbit vibrators work by stimulating the nerves around the clitoris, an essential area for sexual experiences for a woman. Gentle vibrations get more blood supplied to the clitoral area. The vibrations start to create sensations in the erectile tissue that is in the clitoris that send pleasure responses in the body. This then causes the clitoris to get engorged. When the clitoris is engorged, the woman is very aroused. This can help to have further activity possible or lead to the orgasm itself.

There is misconception that vibrators are only for personal masturbation. This is not true at all. Rabbit vibrators are a great way to start foreplay. The rabbit vibrator can be applied by one partner onto the other. It can also be used by one partner to show the other what turns them on. Rabbit vibrators are great for oral play as well. The motions of the mouth work well with the extra stimulation a rabbit vibrator provides. There are also varieties of rabbit vibrators that are dual function so stimulation can happen in the vagina as well as on the clitoris. There are even some that are shaped to be used during sex itself so the woman gets stimulation from the rabbit vibrator and penetration from her partner. Many lubricants work well with rabbit vibrators. There are a variety of those available at Ladygasm that work well. There are even various sizes to try as well from the discreet to ones that you can make your own naughty secret. There are many creative ways to make a rabbit vibrator part of your sexual life.

Once a rabbit vibrator is used, whether it is for personal pleasure or part of a sex routine, it can help to bring bliss to your sexual lifestyles. It targets that area most linked to a female orgasm, so pleasure is possible with rabbit vibrators at any time.

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