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How to get your woman to use female sex toys

How to get your woman to use female sex toys

If you are looking for a way to improve you sex life, using sex toys would be the ultimate answer. They not only make it adventurous but also leave the both of you totally satisfied. You should try and introduce your partner to female sex toys if you are not already using them.

It is very common to find that many of our women are disgusted just by the use of the name adult toys for women. They see it us unethical and think sex should be done the way our creator intended it to be done. With this kind of thoughts, it is very likely that your sex life will be very boring. You need to find a way of getting your wife or partner to accept to use sex toys.

You can do this by giving her the advantages of using sex toys. Most women hate the fact that menís penis shrivel up after the first ejaculation and take sometime before they are hard once more. You can tell your woman that the female masturbators, in particular the vibrator, remains firm throughout the process. They will not have to wait for their manís penis to become firm. They also last longer than men do. You will definitely reach orgasm within no time.

Female Sex Toys Are Designed To Be Pleasurable

It is also a fact that women fear using the adult toys for women because they think that they will contract diseases. You can explain to your woman that this happens very rarely. All she has to do is take great care of the toys and always ensure that they are sterilized before using them. Also let her know that is she does not share the toys with anyone else, it will be highly unlikely that she can contract any diseases.

It is also the belief of many women that use sex toys are used by sluts and porn stars. You should explain to your partner that this is not the case. The female sex toys are for any one that wishes to improve their sex life. The toys are also used by people that are in noble professions like doctors and pilots. The toys should not be attached to bad people.

People also fear that when you get used to using sex toys, you will lose the desire to have sex with your partner. They fear that they will get addicted to the female sex toys. If your woman happens to be in this category then you ought to tell her that the probability of that happening is near zero. The toys are not there to replace you but to add more adventure. Let her know that you will continue having sex even tough the toys are there. One thing that you should never do is force you partner to use the female sex toys if she does not want to.

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