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How to Derive Maximum Pleasure from an Anal Sex Toy

How to Derive Maximum Pleasure from an Anal Sex Toy

You might have a good anal vibrator in the house today but you are not particularly interested in it since you do not know the correct procedures to use to give you that orgasm you need. Mostly, an anal sex toy will not come with a manual that directs you on usage except the shallow details on storage and cleaning of the toy. With this in mind, you have to look for methods of use that will make you satisfied each time you use the sex toy.

The first thing you have to remember each time you wan to use the toy is lube. This is because anal tissues are prone to damage and tear you have to add as much lube as you can so that you are comfortable and won’t feel pain. However, the kind of lube to use will matter; if you use thin lube, it gets exhausted quickly so it would be better to consider thicker lube or water based lube. One advantage with the water based lube is that it never causes wear on your condom or destruction on your tissue like oil does.

When using the sex toy for anal stimulation, there is high need for arousal and fore play. This is mainly to relax the anal canal so that the penetration won’t turn out to be hurting. If you are inpatient, you may feel unpleasant sensations since the anal canal will not have gotten enough time to relax and it might turn out to be painful. You can have the foreplay by using an ass tickler to tease first.

An Anal Sex Toy Takes Orgasms To New Peaks

When it comes to inserting an anal adult toy such as a butt plug, you should do it slowly and cautiously. A quick thrust may not be effective with anal play and some of the people who have had it like that in their first encounter may have been uncomfortable and won’t like it again. You should also consider certain positions that are most effective for anal play and which make it easier. You should learn some tactics with the anal bead insertion process. Different people have different preferences and but the insertion should always involve the insertion of one bead at a time. Some people may prefer all of them removed at once when they orgasm but others may prefer one at a time after the orgasm. If you are having the anal play as a couple, communicate to determine what each one of you likes.

Some people also love it when there is multiple stimulation all going concurrently. There are some of the dual stimulating anal sex toys that fit perfectly into this application. For the ladies, you can have a vibrator stimulating both your anal canal and other erogenous zones such as the clitoris or the vagina. However, even with a basic plug, you can also stimulate the zones using your fingers while the butt plug penetrates. There is a lot of information which might be of use each time you want to have great anal sex. You can consider viewing adult video tapes, which feature the usage of anal sex toy in a sex shop nearby.

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