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Choosing couples sex toys

Choosing couples sex toys

If you have never been inside one of these adult mega stores, or gone to the sites of such stores, you are in for a very pleasant surprise indeed. These stores are no longer the purveyors of only blow up dolls and huge dildos and “dirty” magazines, they have grown and apparently sex toy designers have been very busy indeed. Today, you can go to one of these stores and see not one or two but literally hundreds of different types of vibrators. Some of them fit on the woman’s sex via the use of different straps, but a woman wearing one of these will probably orgasm a tremendous amount in a given evening. For a surprise, her male partner may be the one to hold the remote that turns it on and off as well as sets the speeds that she will feel. All in good fun, these types of couples sex toys will bring forth many wonderful memories later.

Some toys for couples even come in a bottle, which is a surprise to some. What’s in the bottle is some sort of sexual enhancer that can be rubbed onto your lover to heighten the sexual experience. Reports and reviews have given these enhancers some very high grades.

Occasionally couples come into sex stores seeking something very different, and they peruse all the adult sex toys for two people and settle on the most innocuous items. For instance, many of these sex stores sell a tremendous amount of sweet lubrication. Most of these come in fruit flavors that run from melons, strawberries, raspberries, and even mango flavored sweet lubrication. There are also chocolate preparations that can be utilized to make oral sex quite different for extra fun! There are a plethora of warming oils that many find very satisfying as well and the majority of those are flavored too.

How To Choose The Best Couples Sex Toys

Some adult stimulators for couples are sold only because they arouse the interest of the couples as to what it would feel like. The best example of that are the various ticklers made of feathers, and oh, we must not forget edible underwear for men and women, as well as edible bras!

Those who are interested in BDSM, called Bondage, Domination, Sadism and Masochism may very well get turned on by whips, collars, floggers, spankers and assorted bondage ropes and even bondage directions that come complete with drawings and arrows so that you always know what you are doing even if you were not ever a boy or girl scout! Many BDSM items are sold in sex stores, they seem to rank highly on the toy lists.

There are now vibrators that can vibrate both the G spot and the clit together, but the most amazing thing about these couples sex toys is the fact that they are rechargeable, and will even turn themselves off if you should fall asleep. Being utterly waterproof, they are also capable of being set through 9 different settings either by yourself or your lover!

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