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Is It Possible To Become Addicted To Rabbit Vibrators?

Is It Possible To Become Addicted To Rabbit Vibrators?

One question that makes me laugh every time that I hear it is if a lady can become addicted to one of her rabbit vibrators. Even though this may seem like a funny question to me, there are some women that are actually scared that they may form a stronger bond with their rabbit vibrators than with other people.

I can tell you that the myth that you will become addicted to rabbit vibrators if you use them is clearly that, a myth. This myth fits in the same lines as other sex toy myths that have people believing that if they masturbate they will go blind etc. There are a lot of people that will put sex toys down because they believe that the only people that use them are the individuals that are trying to substitute for the fact that they donít have a partner. However, this is not the case at all. People who use sex toys are just everyday people like you and I that want to experience a little bit of sexual pleasure.

Truth be told, there is no truth behind the sex toy myth that claims that you can become addicted to your rabbit vibrators or any type of sex toy that you use. However, I do find it kind of odd that there have never been any studies conducted proving that this sex toy myth is a myth. It kind of makes some people question if addiction to sex toys is actually possible.

Being Comfortable Using Rabbit Vibrators Does Not Mean You Are Addicted

If you consider yourself a creature of habit, kind of like I consider myself, then you may fear that you will become addicted to using your rabbit vibrators if you donít watch yourself. One of the main reasons why people believe that they can become addicted to their vibrators is because shortly after they receive the toy they start using it over and over again. They may even find themselves reaching for their vibrators during regular intercourse because they do not feel like they can have an orgasm without it.

The funny thing is even though this may sound like your addicted to rabbit vibrators, your actually not. What most likely happens in cases like these is your sexual response has become accustomed to a certain way of doing things. Therefore, whenever you are engaged in some type of sexual encounter, your brain automatically clicks in that you need to use your vibrator in order to be able to get off.

Even though a lot of people find it funny to associate the term addiction with sex toys, it is not an inaccurate use of the word. I understand that some people may develop unhealthy relationships with inanimate objects and perform some behaviors that are outside of who they are. There have not been any tests conducted showing that a person could not become addicted to their vibrator, so for the time being the discussion concerning if itís possible to become addicted to rabbit vibrators kind of remains open.

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