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Butt plug designs are hard to beat

Butt plug designs are hard to beat

Are you ready to try out butt plug designs? Have you ever tried anal sex? This is even better. In principle there should be no problems in anal sex if you have enjoyed before. Obviously one must be careful not to make movements that compress the abdomen, but otherwise, involves anal penetration greater danger than vaginal penetration.

If you and your partner are both faithful, it is recommended in any case the use of condoms for anal sex. Luckily, when using a anal sex toy you will reach deep sensations without the need of feeling worried. For instance anal sex can be dangerous when there is cheating involved. Mutual fidelity between two people who have no sexually transmitted disease, like HIV, is the best defense and increased security in these times as characterized by this type of disease. However, in practice it is difficult if not impossible; to be sure that your partner is completely faithful to us. Remember that a single act of intercourse may be enough to spread, including HIV.

Anal penetration is the highest risk sexual behavior for the transmission of the AIDS virus, and because so far the disease is fatal outcome is strongly recommended to all who practice or experience anal penetration. A anal sex toy brings several benefits and ease of use. In case you are somehow confused, anal sex is stimulation of the anus of your partner: manually, orally or anal penetration (the man puts his penis into the rectum of women). This is not a sexual practice reserved only for homosexuals, as some would see, but that is appreciated by many heterosexual couples. It can be an end in itself, or accompanied by other forms of stimulation. For example, the man can insert a finger into the anus of his partner while penetrating ahead. Another way to feel similar sensations is by purchasing a quality sex toy for anal play.

Can Women Be Pleasured By A Butt Plug?

Many women who practice sodomy usually only reach orgasm with anal and orgasm refer to this as "different" and new. The taboo is pretty much gone so donít waste a single minute! This is not a modern practice, but has at all times and in all continents from antiquity. Today, one in two marriages confesses to having tried the penetration from behind. Some like and some do not. According to the report of the famous sexologist Kinsey, one of every two women is in favor of anal penetration. If you are still dubious, get your sex toy to feel comfortable with the whole anal matter.

Do you play taboo? Some see in it a perverse and unnatural act. Religious or secular authorities have frequently condemned. Certain religions consider sex only as a means of reproduction, so they also condemn anal sex. In some countries, is considered a "crime against nature" and "forbidden" even for weddings. Historically, the purpose of these laws was to persecute the gay community (where, of course, the penetration from behind is widespread). However, a butt plug linked to anal sex, like any other form of sexuality voluntary, or should be a personal choice: the partner is who decides what is acceptable or not.

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