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Adult sex shop, letís look around!

Adult sex shop, letís look around!

So at last youíve decided to venture into an adult sex shop. Letís say that you are female, thus you are extremely wary. Will you see perverts in there who will expose themselves to you, or are the people in there just regular folks, and perhaps there are even other females there by themselves, or with a man? Outside you even saw two women going in together, and thus you got your courage up and you step inside.

Once inside youíll find that everything is very clean. Everything is packaged in cellophane or the items are in clean looking boxes. The store itself is neatly arranged with books and magazines in one corner, movies and other DVDs in another corner, and there is adult paraphernalia in another corner. The vendor sits by the cash register and greets you with a respectful nod and a wide smile and greets you with a nice friendly hi! Already you are relaxing, and finding that an adult toy store is not all you imagined it to be at all.

The two ladies that entered the shop before you are in the magazine section and are looking at some of the titles. One points to one and they both giggle softly. You promise yourself that you will go look at what they were looking at as soon as they move off, but meanwhile you look at the gigantic array of dildos that are presented to you in their clean little boxes. Some of them are black, and some are pink, but they are all created to look like what they are, namely replicas of an erect male organ. You pick up one box and wonder at the size of it, and then put it down to pick up one that is more lifelike in size and you put that in the basket you picked up at the entrance of the store. This is fun shopping, you tell yourself.

Explore An Adult Sex Shop

Now, you are in a different section and you see any number of vibrators. There are some that look too industrial for you, and one is attractive because there is so much being said on the box. It is a rabbit clit stimulator, and as you read the box, you find that the ears of the rabbit are made of a very soft material that will go on either side of the female anatomy, namely her clit. The rest is almost a dildo except that there is a description of what it will do for you, including being able to thrust in and out! Further down it even explains that there are little nubs on it that will actually rotate at whatever setting you put it on, and they are there to excite your G spot! There are a great deal of these available in this adult toy store, and so you take one that is pink in color and put that in your shopping basket.

Moving deeper into this adult sex store you come to the BDSM section. Now there is something that you always wanted to try but did not know how to approach your man about it. You find the neatest little slapper on a black stick, but itís just so cute because it is shaped like a little hand. Holding it firmly in your right hand you slap your open left hand with it, and give a little shiver because this excites you.

By the time you are done walking through this adult sex shop you have accumulated all kinds of goodies. You pay for your things and head home to make supper, after all you want an early dinner tonight so you can show your man all you bought!

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