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Adult sex shop, dare you check one out?

Adult sex shop, dare you check one out?

It is always amazing to find that an adult has never even entered an adult sex shop. They are unsure as to what is inside them, and many people assume that they might be dens of iniquity! Some merely have never left their puritanical upbringing behind and become an adult.

Often such people are quite shocked to find that such an adult toy store will have a huge amount of clothing for sale. This may comprise of lingerie, hosiery, panties, robes, fetish wear, dresses, dancewear, crotchless panties, costumes, bridal wear, and bras of all kinds. Looking through many of these, they may be surprised at the sizes that are being carried in these, because they are unaware that BBW women are just as interested in looking sexy as regular sized women, and often there are many men who like to wear female clothing as part of their sexual makeup.

Looking over the men’s section they may find penis pumps, penis extensions, as well as various kinds of rings and sleeves. In addition any adult sex store worth visiting will have a huge choice of condoms, and they will carry fake vaginas, fake anuses, mouths, combos, strokers, silicone objects for masturbation, as well as the new jelly objects. It may surprise many to find out that men like vibrators too, and thus enjoy vibrating masturbators of all kinds.

The Allure of an adult sex shop

There will be dildos of all sizes and colors available of course, and there will probably also be a large section devoted strictly to anal play. These include regular butt plugs, vibrating butt plugs, anal beads, anal lubricant, prostate massagers, small anal dildos for beginners, inflatable butt plugs, anal douche materials, and harnesses to hold butt plugs in place.

Speaking of harnesses, a good adult toy store will have any number of harnesses available, but especially so that a female can strap on a harness that holds a penis so that a woman may sexually satisfy another woman, or even be able to mount a male. Lesbian sex frequently includes these harnesses with a strap on penis, or lesbians truly enjoy double ended dildos so that both women can use them for sex at the same time.

Any good adult shop will also have a BDSM department. There one can purchase masks, blindfolds, collars, gags, clamps, ball stretchers, whips, paddles, leg restraints, hand restraints, restraint belts, and all manner of ropes for bondage.

Finally, for any who are unsure how to pursue something like BDSM, for instance, an adult sex shop will have instructional DVDs, and books for sale so that no one need try out anything in a sexual context without reading or watching all about it for safety’s sake. To conclude, a good sex shop will have sex games, party supplies, edible bras, pasties and panties as well as sexy gag gifts too! You can even purchase X-rated fortune cookies there!

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