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Can Women Sex Toys Hurt You?- Woman Sues Sex Toy Company

Can Women Sex Toys Hurt You?- Woman Sues Sex Toy Company

Are women sex toys dangerous? Well, according to April Bonjour a lady from Northern California, women sex toys can be extremely dangerous. Ms. Bonjour is suing the makers of a famous vibrator because she claims that the toy caused her to bleed excessively and lose consciousness because of the amount of blood that she lost.

According to Ms. Bonjour she had to be rushed to a hospital, where she received several pints of blood, due to the amount of blood that she used while she was utilizing the vibrator to induce orgasm. Ms. Bonjour is now suing the markers of the Pipedream vibrator products that made her lose blood and go in and out of consciousness.

In an interview where Ms. Bonjour describes the incident, she states that while she was using the vibrator she felt an extremely sharp pain along the inside of her vagina. After removing the toy from the area, she noticed that the toy was completely covered in blood. Believing what every woman would believe that she started her period, Ms. Bonjour wiped the toy off and went to get some sanitary napkins.

However, when the amount of blood that she was losing seemed to keep pouring out of her, as she passed clot after clot, Ms. Bonjour knew that there was something wrong. Her boyfriend rushed her to the hospital, where she was in and out consciousness due to the amount of blood that was literally drained from her body. During the entire ordeal, Ms. Bonjour had to wake up her son, who was shocked at the state of his mother.

Ms. Bonjour is suing the makers of the vibrator because she believes that it was their product that caused all of the problems that she incurred. Aside from suing for personal injury that was inflected upon her body, Ms. Bonjour is also suing for the emotional stress that the entire situation put upon her and her family.

Which brings me to the question of what really happened? I personally have never heard about a vibrator that would rip open the insides of a ladies vagina. Even though the actual vibrator that Ms. Bonjour used was never announced, it has a lot of sex toy enthusiasts baffled. While some people are blaming the entire ordeal on the vibrator, there are other sex toy enthusiasts that believe that Ms. Bonjour must have done something wrong while using the vibrator.

The truth is there are some things that women sex toys can do to the body if they are used incorrectly. If Ms. Bonjour’s boyfriend was being too aggressive with the toy when they were using it, this could cause the problem to occur. At the present time the case is still at trial, so we do not know what the verdict will actually be.

It just baffles me that a simple vibrator that women have been using for years could be to blame for this lady losing blood and going in and out of consciousness. I do not believe that women sex toys are dangerous. I guess the truth will be unveiled during the trial for this peculiar case.

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