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Reaching female masturbation orgasm through mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a common practice among all sexual preference groups. For male and female masturbation, its goal is to prevent pregnancy or preserve virginity. For female and female masturbation, the goal is to achieve sexual pleasure without having the casual sex. Others do it for personal sexual preference or for fantasy. Whether you are doing it with a male or female partner, your goal is definitely to reach female masturbation orgasm.

Mutual masturbation is such a delightful and overwhelming experience. It is similar to foreplay except that it doesn't have any pressure or expectation of fulfilling penetration (when done with a man). It allows you and your partner to experiment, try out different things, enjoy, and learn from each other while enjoying the pleasures of your partner reaching orgasm and you reaching your female masturbation orgasm.

If mutual masturbation escalates to a higher level and you both are in the mood for a lovemaking session, then go for it. However sometimes, mutual masturbation is merely an alternative to sexual intercourse when you or your partner is not up for it. It's just a matter of enjoying a good feeling and pleasure of arousing each other without actually doing the S-thing.

You need to remember when exploring mutual masturbation not rush to reach female masturbation orgasm. You should also remember that the pleasure of your partner is your priority. Use the experience to explore your partner's body. Stimulate your partner but never rush. Be a kinky, playful kitten or an erotic seducer and use the time to play with him or her for fun. Never be selfish and aim for satisfaction not only for yourself but also for your partner because you are an extension of his/her body and yours is an extension of his or hers. What you do to make him or her reach orgasm is worth more fun when he/she responds and works towards making you reach your orgasm as well.

It is also possible to masturbate for your partner. It could be a role-playing game or voyeurism but you must agree on what you both want. It's not a race to achieve orgasm first and if you failed to reach a female masturbation orgasm stay relaxed, there's always a next time. Mutual masturbation is for mutual pleasure, complimenting each other, and making each other feel that the experience is definitely worth it.

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