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The 5 masturbation myths and facts you should know

Even if female masturbation is now a common practice among women, a lot of women are still raised with some bizarre and hard-to-believe information about this practice. If you are one of those who try to separate facts from fictions, consider these top 5 masturbation myths as well as the facts that renounce them.

Myth #1: Female masturbation is only for the young
This is one of the most common masturbation myths women always hear. Well, the fact is masturbation, both for men and women, is a constant and life-long sexual practice. Surveys show that masturbation is a common practice in 70% of adult women. The practice of masturbating may slow down as a person ages but still, many women masturbate in their golden years. Thus, we can say that female masturbation is not only for young people. It is also not considered as an immature sexual practice.

Myth #2: Female masturbation is not real sex
Wrong! Female masturbation is a real form of sexual activity. When you masturbate, you get aroused and you even reach female masturbation orgasm. Using health and medical perspectives, both male and female masturbation are as real as kissing, sexual intercourse, and oral sex.

Myth #3: Masturbation is only for men and not for women
This is one of the most bizarre masturbation myths. Females feel sexual desire just as much as men do. This myth only came about because male masturbation is more accepted than female masturbation. There isn't any research or evidence showing that the desire for self sexual pleasure is linked to gender or biological sex.

Myth #4: Female masturbation is only for loners and singles
This is one of the masturbation myths that drive women in relationships to enjoy female masturbation in private, not known or seen by their partners. Well, survey shows that even female engaged in a sexual relationship also masturbate. In fact, they have more desire to do it especially when their partners are away from them or when they do not have frequent sexual intercourse with their partner.

Myth #5: Only certain kinds of females masturbate
From surveys and researches conducted on female masturbation, this practice is not linked to age, status, belief, race, or anything that distinguishes one female from another.

If your desire to try female masturbation is constrained by certain masturbation myths, then it's time to listen to your inner self and go on a journey of self exploration. You are missing out on something good by believing in them.

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