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Hot tips on what masturbation lube to use when masturbating

Masturbation lube, also referred to as sexual lubricant, is a specialized lubricant widely used to enhance sexual or masturbation pleasure. It is also used to reduce friction when the fingers or sex toy enter the vagina or the anus. It helps reduce pain during masturbation when the vagina is not able to produce enough lubrication by itself when masturbating using sex toys.

The different types of masturbation lubes:

There are different types of sexual or personal lubes on the market. These include water-based lubes, oil-based lubes, silicone-based lubes, and flavored masturbation lubricants. You can use any type depending on what you personally prefer.

Water-based masturbation lube - as its name suggests, a water-based lube is a water-soluble personal lubricant. This type is by far the most widely-used personal lubricant. The biggest advantage of using this type of lube is it is easy to clean after masturbation. However, the use of this lube is not compatible with masturbation techniques performed in water like hot tub, pools, and bath tubs as it can be dispersed or dissolved in water.

Oil-based masturbation lube - this type of lube is commonly used by women in the pre-menopausal and menopausal stage as well as by those with vulva nerve inflammation (vulvodynia). This is because this type of lube is strong enough to ease friction. The downside of using this type of lube is that it is harder to clean and remove the body; thus, you are more exposed or prone to bacterial infections.

Silicone-based masturbation lube - this is a new type of personal lube and is getting more and more popular. This type of lube is not absorbed by the skin. It stays on the skin surface to provide a more durable glide. Though a silicone-based lubricant is harder to wash from the body, it lasts longer than other types of lubricants. One thing you have to know though is that not all silicone-based lubricants in the market today are latex-safe; thus, you need to check the lube's label before using it. This type of lubricant is not to be used with any silicone-based sex toy because it can dissolve the toy's surface.

Flavored masturbation lube - this a specialized type of lube used to enhance sex pleasure. Lubes of this type are water-based specifically designed for external use only. Flavored masturbation lubricants are available in different flavors and you can use any flavor that takes your fancy to enhance oral sex.

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