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Health and hygiene during female masturbation practices

In the past, the general public believed that sexual desires are only for men and thus, female masturbation was unaccepted and was considered taboo. However, medical researches and studies reported that sexual desire is natural, making masturbation both for men and woman, a normal part of sexuality that does not cause any harm to the body. This statement has been questioned as there were some women who experienced health issues after masturbating. This is mainly due to the anatomy of female sexuality which is actually different from that of male. Female masturbation techniques involve penetrating the vagina while male masturbation techniques stimulate the male sensuality externally. Thus, proper hygiene must be taken during masturbation.

Since the practice of female masturbation has become accepted in our society, it has been shown to have different health benefits, including prevention of cervical and urinary tract infections, improved cardiovascular health, lower risk of diabetes, prevention of insomnia, and promotion of pelvic floor strength. It has also been associated with different emotional and mental benefits such as mood improvement, stress release, and increase in self-confidence. However, due to unhygienic practices, masturbation of female has also been linked to urinary bladder and vaginal infections due to inserting unclean fingers and other objects into the vagina. There is also a risk for air embolism particularly on techniques that use water to stimulate the vagina. There are also cases of foreign objects being stuck inside the vagina.

Young girls are always told by their mothers to practice proper female hygiene particularly in their genital area. This is because the vagina, being a moist and warm part of the body, is easily exposed to different bacterial infections. How much more when this area comes in contact with dirty particles such as those in unclean hands and fingers and objects inserted inside during female masturbation.

To avoid these risks associated with female masturbation, it is a must to wash and clean the hands and fingers first before you masturbate. You should also avoid inserting objects inside the vagina unless you are sure that these objects are: 1) safe and won't break once inside; 2) hygienic; 3) suitable to be in contact with the body; and 4) are not rough-edged or abrasive. Keep in mind that caution must be taken before you introduce new item into your genital area, especially those objects not purposely designed for sexual use. It's fine to masturbate for self-pleasure but always ensure it is not something that can cause risks to your health.

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