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Female Safety 101: Sex tips for women who use their hands and sex toys for self-pleasure.

Female masturbation is an act of sexual stimulation to achieve orgasm. This sexual stimulation can be performed either manually or through the use of different kinds of sex toys and objects. With more and more women opening up to the practice of female masturbation, both methods of masturbating are now highly prevalent simply because they are fun and they provide self-pleasure. However, female masturbation can also expose women to risks when they don't practice caution in using their hands and sex toys for self-pleasure. To help you do it safely and prevent the risks associated with the use of your hands and sex toys, here are some sex tips for women to follow:

Sex Tips for Women Using their Hands: Women who masturbate without washing or cleaning their hands face the risk of developing urinary bladder and vaginal infections. Thus, to avoid such risk, it is a hygienic practice to first wash and clean fingers and hands thoroughly before using them for female masturbation.

Sex Tips for Women Using Sex Toys: The use of sex toys is safe as long as they are used hygienically and responsible. It is also a must to use your own sex toy as using someone else's sex toys can expose you to risk of having sexually transmitted infections especially if the last person who used it is infected with an STD or if the toy is not sterilized properly after use. The way a sex toy should be cleaned depends mainly on the material from which it is made. Most sex toys come with instructions on how they should be cleaned and stored. Make sure to carefully follow these instructions. It is also necessary to clean the sex toys thoroughly after each use as well as between use on the different parts of your body such as your vagina, mouth, and anus. You should also check your sex toy for any break or scratches in the surface material as these can house different types of bacteria.

Sex Tips for Women Using Sex Toys: if you share sex toys with others, make sure to use them responsibly. It is a safe and hygienic idea to use a condom on dildos and other penetrative sex toys. If you are pregnant and you use sex toys for female masturbation, you can do so just as long as you only use it not after your 12th week of pregnancy as overuse of sex toys can damage your reproductive system.

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