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In search of the female orgasm

In search of the female orgasm

Many factors play an important role for a woman to experience her sexual climax or female orgasm. Some of these include her mental and emotional level, her physical arousal ability, mental/emotional/physical excitement, quality and amount of mental/emotional/physical stimulation, and her comfort/confidence level in conjunction with her physical/emotional surrender during her sexual encounter.

The actual experience a woman has when she reaches female orgasm cannot be described adequately by physical terms of releasing muscle tension, increased breathing and heart rate, muscle spasm in the genital region, and ejaculation. The feeling of intense emotion and pleasure are the major components of experiencing orgasm. However, before this intense emotion and pleasure is achieved, one must first go through some physical reactions.

During orgasm, the body experiences involuntary muscle spasms and contractions particularly on certain parts such as the stomach, legs, back, and arms. The vaginal muscles as well as the uterus muscles contract and relax rapidly. When the vagina reaches this point, the vaginal glands discharge a watery secretion that acts as the vaginal lubricant. The physical changes during a sexual experience result from vasocongestion wherein the blood accumulates in different parts of the body.

Many women experience more than one female orgasm. Theories and studies suggest that muscular contractions and relaxations associated with orgasm can occur up to 45 minutes after the partner reaches his climax. That is because a woman retains sperm more significantly when she reaches female orgasm than when she only experiences non-orgasmic sex.

There are two types of female orgasms: vaginal and clitoral and the type of orgasm a woman experiences depends on the part that is being stimulated and not on where the orgasm is experienced. The clitoris places a central role in stimulating the sexual tension feeling and emotion. When the body is becoming sexually excited, the clitoris swells and its position changes. The blood vessels along the pelvis also swell and this causes engorgement and a feeling of sexual sensitivity and fullness. The inner lips of the vagina also swell and change its shape, causing the vagina to balloon upward and the uterus to shift its position in the pelvis.

Enough for the scientific explanation and let's move on to the actual feeling of reaching female orgasm. Some women say reaching orgasm is similar to the sensation of falling from atop or riding a roller coaster from the top to bottom back to the top. For some, the sensation and thrill they experience during female orgasm is much more important than knowing what changes their body is going through.

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