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Female masturbation is still taboo but still has great benefits

Women sex toys like rabbit vibrators or a g spot vibrator are quite popular since he 1980's but before that, the topic of womens pleasure was often considered taboo. Men knew that women experienced pleasure during sexual intercourse, but for some reason, society was afraid to admit it. Sad, but true! Even still, this idea persists.

Many women still believe it is wrong to talk about masturbation or even to think about masturbation, women deny it but the truth is almost every woman masturbates and even practices some techniques not only to achieve self-pleasure but also to discover how to lead a more satisfying sex life. In addition, research shows that there are some female masturbation techniques that actually have benefits as they make women aware of their sexual needs and offer them a self-pleasurable way of exploring their own sexuality.

There are several amusing synonyms to describe female masturbation, these include: auditioning the finger puppets, basting your turkey, bathing the kitty, beating around the bush, checking the oil, dunking my doughnut, and of course many more are constantly being added to the vernacular. Some women believe that masturbation has helped them increase their self confidence and needless to say, female masturbation through some techniques is definitely an important part of any woman's life. Here are some of the benefits certain female masturbation techniques can give.

  1. Pleasure - without a doubt, this is the main reason why women want to learn about masturbation. However, there are some techniques that can really make a woman achieve self-pleasure and this is good psychologically and emotionally.
  2. Prevention of cervical and urinary tract infections - various studies report that women who masturbate regularly are protected against cases of urinary tract and cervical infection. There are some techniques that can easily put a woman into orgasm, making it easier for the cervix to open up thereby initiating a process of increasing the amount of good bacteria living in the cervix.
  3. Stronger pelvic floor - there are some masturbation techniques that help improve the strength of the pelvic floor and as you may have already heard, a strong pelvic floor helps improve the body's general sexual function, making you enjoy sex better.
  4. Improves your mood - perhaps the best thing about masturbation is that it can help disperse feelings of depression. Your mood can improve and you feel better about life in general.

Female masturbation can be highly beneficial especially when combined with great female masturbation techniques.

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