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Exploring the female G-spot

Dr Ernst Grafenburg identified the female g-spot in the 1950's, and by the 1980's it had became popularized as the 'g-spot'. Most women feel sensation when the female g-spot is properly massaged, but few know much about what the g-spot is. Some women have have heard that rabbit vibrators are an easy way to stimulate it, which is true. It's located approximately two inches inside the vaginal opening toward the front near the belly button, and is...

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Female masturbation is still taboo but still has great benefits

Women sex toys like rabbit vibrators or a g spot vibrator are quite popular since he 1980's but before that, the topic of womens pleasure was often considered taboo. Men knew that women experienced pleasure during sexual intercourse, but for some reason, society was afraid to admit it. Sad, but true! Even still, this idea persists. Many women still believe it is wrong to talk about masturbation or even to think about masturbation, women deny it...

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Female Orgasm: what types of orgasms can a female experience?

The female orgasm is one of the most powerful responses a woman can have and yet surprisingly many women don't know if or when they are climaxing. Some women wonder whether it is possible to achieve orgasm at all, while others are shocked by the experience. There are a lot of theories, assumptions, questions, but one thing is clear about the female climax - it is as puzzling as it is pleasurable. The occurrence of this sensation is different from...

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Female Safety 101: Sex tips for women who use their hands and sex toys for self-pleasure.

Female masturbation is an act of sexual stimulation to achieve orgasm. This sexual stimulation can be performed either manually or through the use of different kinds of sex toys and objects. With more and more women opening up to the practice of female masturbation, both methods of masturbating are now highly prevalent simply because they are fun and they provide self-pleasure. However, female masturbation can also expose women to risks when they...

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Health and hygiene during female masturbation practices

In the past, the general public believed that sexual desires are only for men and thus, female masturbation was unaccepted and was considered taboo. However, medical researches and studies reported that sexual desire is natural, making masturbation both for men and woman, a normal part of sexuality that does not cause any harm to the body. This statement has been questioned as there were some women who experienced health issues after masturbating...

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Hot tips on what masturbation lube to use when masturbating

Masturbation lube, also referred to as sexual lubricant, is a specialized lubricant widely used to enhance sexual or masturbation pleasure. It is also used to reduce friction when the fingers or sex toy enter the vagina or the anus. It helps reduce pain during masturbation when the vagina is not able to produce enough lubrication by itself when masturbating using sex toys. The different types of masturbation lubes:There are different types of...

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Masturbation frequency: female masturbation tips every smart girl should follow

Female masturbation is considered as a self-sexual practice and is said to be the best way to know what can turn her on. It provides a woman with the perfect opportunity to discover her own body and to experience sexual freedom. Though a lot of women already practice female masturbation, some still consider it as a taboo; thus, women are not provided with useful information about it, particularly masturbation habits and masturbation frequency. To...

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The 5 masturbation myths and facts you should know

Even if female masturbation is now a common practice among women, a lot of women are still raised with some bizarre and hard-to-believe information about this practice. If you are one of those who try to separate facts from fictions, consider these top 5 masturbation myths as well as the facts that renounce them. Myth #1: Female masturbation is only for the young This is one of the most common masturbation myths women always hear. Well, the f...

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Maybe you missed female anatomy in Biology class. Don't worry here's our 60 second refresher course

Let's assume you landed on planet earth ten minutes ago from Planet Zarthus and you need a one minute overview of the female anatomy. Here are the essential bits you need to know.BreastsThese beautiful curvy appendages come in a variety of sizes and colors depending on ethnic origin. They range from small and pert to large and fulsome. They are much admired and lusted after by the male population, especially the more generously endowed versio...

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Reaching female masturbation orgasm through mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation is a common practice among all sexual preference groups. For male and female masturbation, its goal is to prevent pregnancy or preserve virginity. For female and female masturbation, the goal is to achieve sexual pleasure without having the casual sex. Others do it for personal sexual preference or for fantasy. Whether you are doing it with a male or female partner, your goal is definitely to reach female masturbation orgasm. ...

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Society's view of female masturbation throughout history

Depictions of both male and female masturbation have been found in cave paintings, rock paintings, and in other prehistoric artifacts. In ancient Egypt, masturbating was believed to have been the act that created the universe and enabled the god Atum to bring to life the Egyptian equivalents of Adam and Eve. Researchers have also found depictions of female masturbation from as early as the 4th millennium BC. It's a clay figurine discovered in a t...

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